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What is DVD Region Codes?
DVDs sold globally are encoded for different locations. Each DVD assigned a specific 'Region Code' can only be played within the areas specified in that Region Code. It is important that you make sure the DVD(s) you are buying are compatible with your DVD player.

DVD Region Codes Breakdown

Region 0 / ALL
"ALL" and "0" Regions represent the DVD can be played worldwide (i.e. Region 1-6 DVD players). However, PAL discs must be played in a PAL-compatible unit and NTSC discs must be played in an NTSC-compatible unit.

Region 1
United States, Canada, U.S. Territories

Region 2
Japan, Europe, South Africa, Greenland and the Middle East (including Egypt)

Region 3
South East Asia (including Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan)

Region 4
Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central American, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean

Region 5
Eastern Europe (Russia and the former Soviet Union), the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Mongolia

Region 6
Mainland China

Are you looking for a Code Free DVD player that can plays DVDs from ALL regions and can automatically converts PAL DVDs to NTSC? Please click here.

What are NTSC and PAL picture formats?
NTSC and PAL are two main television broadcast standards used worldwide. The systems project color images at different frequencies and they are not compatible with each other, which means a DVD in NTSC format is not compatible with a PAL format TV; a DVD in PAL format is not compatible with a NTSC format TV.  For more information, please go to the following link :


Are you looking for a Code Free DVD player that can plays DVDs from ALL regions and can automatically converts PAL DVDs to NTSC? Please click here.

What is VCD?
VCD stands for 'Video Compact Disc' and basically it is a CD that contains moving pictures and sound. If you're familiar with regular audio/music CDs, then you will know what a VCD looks like. A VCD has the capacity to hold up to 74/80 minutes on 650MB/700MB CDs respectively of full-motion video along with quality stereo sound. VCDs use a compression standard called MPEG to store the video and audio. A VCD can be played on almost all standalone DVD Players.

Note: VCDs have "burned-in" non-removable subtitles. VCDs that contain both Chinese and English subtitles will display both languages at the same time. Most, but not all of our VCDs have English subtitles. Before ordering a VCD, be sure to confirm that it has your desired subtitle options.

What are imbedded/burned-in subtitles?
Imbedded/burned subtitles are subtitles that are actually burned into the film print and cannot be removed when viewing.

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